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Thread: tracking issues?

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    Default tracking issues?

    guys what normally causes the tracking to go out, i looked over my old MOT's for the car on the gov website and one mentioned the nearside front drag link end ball joint has slight play, this was at 100K miles and now on the 128500 miles and as far as i know sitll isnt replaced but my tyres do need replaced quit alot.. would that cause the tracking to keep going out as when i get the tracking fixed within like a week the steering starts to pull (to the left) and the wheel starts to point to the right to go straight..

    any ideas?

    as now again i need a new 19" tyre and the tracking done.

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    Vehicle : Vectra

    Trim : SRI XP1


    I know its an old post. But a couple of answers. If you have a worn suspension component, always replace it asap as it will affect handling, economy and tyre range, The tracking will go out as the suspension bushes begin to loosen. Any time you change a suspension component you should always get the tracking done aswell

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