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Thread: Member and Professional Traders section

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    Default Member and Professional Traders section

    Some of you will know that the addition of a member services section and a traders section that is easier to apply for is long overdue, with this in mind Dez,the Mods & Myself have been looking at various ways we could implement such a section that is fair for our members, hopefully what we have come up is an ideal solution.

    Member Traders
    Member Trader.gif
    This section applies to members who have a unique skill and who can offer services that may be beneficial to other members eg: Led, Looms, Tech2, wheel refurb etc. The service they provide cannot be their main Job or source of income. If you have a website offering services then you'll need to apply for approved traders status (See below)..

    To submit a Member Traders listing please go HERE and submit your advert for approval by a member of the Admin/Mod teams. Make your listing look and read like an advert), if approved you will be directed to pay for your required subscription length, 3,6 or 12 months. Upon payment you will receive access to the Member traders section and have "Member Trader" under your username.

    Professional Traders
    Professional Trader.gif
    This is for Companies, Sole traders, Self-employed etc. whether working from home, premises or web site and is their main and sole Income.

    Those who wish to become a Professional Trader please contact a member of the Admin team by private message (pm), and you will shortly be contacted to ask further details such as trading name for your section, what services/products you can offer our members etc

    Both member traders section and professional traders section have subscriptions that run for 3,6 or 12 months, And as is normal with classified listings / adverts, once the subscription has ended the listing will be removed shortly thereafter.
    Fee's are as below:-

    Members Trading fee's

    3 months subscription £15
    6 months subscription £30
    12 months subscription £45

    Approved Professional traders

    3 months subscription £25
    6 months subscription £50
    12 months subscription £75

    Member Traders Application
    To Apply, start by going HERE and submit your advert / listing as you'd like it to appear. Then send a PM to a member of the Admin or Mod Teams. Once approved you'll be asked to go HERE and pay for your required subscription length, once you have done so you will

    Professional Traders Application
    To Apply, simply send a PM to a member of the Admin Team..


    Anyone deliberately defrauding other traders will be dealt with severely. We encourage anyone who feels that they may have been defrauded to seek assistance from the police and you can be assured that will actively provide all the info we have in order to assist the police to secure a conviction.

    Trader Reviews
    To help both members and traders alike we have added a Traders Review section, where anyone who has used the services of one of the member traders or professional traders can add a short review. Any blatant boosting of this section will result in those reviews deemed as fictional to be removed.

    Member & Professional Traders

    Member Traders
    Member Trader.gif
    Member trader listings consist of A thread listing in the Member traders Section which can be updated. Member Traders are free to place a link to their advert/listing thread in their profile and signature, however please do not spam the site with threads advertising your services, you are welcome to point members to your thread in the Member Traders section and offer help/guidance.
    Any blatant spamming threads/posts will be deleted.
    Member Traders will be able to edit their own listing thread throughout the length of the subscription

    Professional Traders
    Professional Trader.gif
    Professional Traders will be given their own section within the Professional Traders Section, and you are free to post as often as you wish during your subscription period. We will also setup a feedback / review section within your new section.
    Professional Traders can trade in multiple car related products as they see fit on the forum. However any promotion of products / services is to be kept to their individual section, Professional Traders can post in threads pointing members to any products / services already listed in their section, and can have links to their section and or websites in their profile and signature. Traders are welcome to start a group buy after they have contacted a member of the Mod/Admin team for approval on a product or service they wish to sell.

    Trader Reviews
    To help both members and traders alike we have added a Traders Review section, where we invite genuine customers only who have used the services of one of the member traders or professional traders can add a short review. any blatant boosting of this section to make a trader appear more credible than they actually are will result in those reviews deemed as fictional to be removed.

    Member & Professional Traders are reminded that they must not do anything to member’s cars that are considered to be illegal and break the law. This includes things like clocking the mileage on a customers car. If clocks have been purchased second hand they may be adjusted to match the correct mileage of the car they are to be fitted into, and any trader found to be undertaking any such work that could compromise the safety of the owner/driver or the vehicle or damaging to the reputation of will face a lifetime ban from both the forum and the club.

    It is a good idea before any items or payments are sent between members to make sure you have each of the trading parties full contact details i.e. Full Name, Address, Phone Number (Much better where possible to get hold of a landline number as it is more traceable than a mobile number). These contact details can sometimes be more useful / reliable than E-Mail or PM.

    Last edited by bigmac; 7th February 2015 at 21:30. Reason: Added red bold underlined colour to text containing pertinent info for Member Trader Subscriptions

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