Hi there guys

I posted a thread the other night asking if anyone could help me with some problems im haing with my Vectra 1.9 CDTi 150 SRi 04 plate, I had some lights up on my dash i.e the TC light on permenant and the ABS light flashing and ocassionally a symbol light in the rev counter of a steering wheel with and exclamation mark on it ( which I think is the PAS warning light ) well I cant find that thread I posted but im still having those problems ........ the TC light and abs I think can be solved by doing the front wheel bearing that neds replacing !!!!!

The reason I am wriighting again is I have just got home to night after waiting for the RAC as after being into town when getting back into my car wouldnt start ......truned the key light and all electrcal woring but nothing would not start ..... the RAC say after doing a few tests they do said that it looks like a wiring fault to them ....... they got it started for me by put a wire from the battery to the starter motor and drove it home but sa son as you stop the car bang gone again ........ will not star unless you have a piece of wire in your pocket lol ......

With this just happened im wundering if the other lights comming on before were related to this problem or is it somthing different entirly ?????

Can anone shed any light on this or help me at all before I send it to vauxhall and end up shelling out a lot of money