Hi there,

I need a little bit of help with my Nav70 system, hopefully someone knows what I need to find out?

I've just purchased a sharkfin aerial which is supposed to be GPS compatable ( http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.d...m=160330914144 ).

The sharkfin aerial has a normal ISO coax connector and a 12V power line IN, but the Vectra NAV70 wiring has 3 coax cables and a thin normal wire.

I'm told that the Vectra coax is of the Fakra SMB type, in which the 12v supply is fed through the core and the signal on the outside (Or is it the other way round?).

I'm assuming the thinner wire from the car is a ground signal which I can attach to the shield of the aerial ISO coax?
I was also thinking about joining the car's SMB inners(12v) to each other and connecting to the aerial 12V wire, and joining the car's SMB outers to each other and feeding to the aerial ISO coax inner for the signal?

Is there any way you can see to make this powered GPS aerial work with the NAV70?

Another suggestion that has been made is to rip apart the stock GPS aerial and incorporate it into the sharkfin aerial somehow?
I'd need to see the insides first to see if this is possible, but don't want to destroy the aerial in case I need to revert back to it!

Here's some pictures from another thread showing the connections on the car side:

And pic of the Sharkfin Aerial and wires:

Any help or advice offered would be very appreciated, especially if anyone has fitted one of these before successfully to a NAV70 or even a different Sharkfin you've managed to fit?