these games are ideal for the older computer,may work on some later machines but i have not confirmed this by trying

double disc game
iF32v5 and AIR WARRIER III ,spec windows 95,98,pentium 133,16mb ram,70mb hard disc space.. £6 posted

double disc game
SERGEI BUBKAS MILLENNIUM GAMES and DEER HUNT,spec windows 95,98,pentium 200,32mb ram,20mb hard disc space,LINUX &glibe 2.x ..£6 posted

NEED FOR SPEED HOT PERSUIT III,spec windows 95,98.pentium 166,85mb hard disc space,16mb ram...£6 posted
HD HIDDEN & DANGEROUS ,spec windows 96,98.pentium 16,16mb ram.this game is new and is still sealed £5 posted

TOCA TOURING CAR CHAMPIONSHIP,spec windows 95,98 or me,pentium 166,16mb ram...£6 posted

ENEMY ENGAGED RAH-66 COMAMCHE v KA-52 HOKUM,spec windows 95,98.pentium 266,64mb ram...£6 posted

MICROSOFT GOLF ,spec pentium 90,windows 95,98,nt.16mb ram,100mb hard disc space...£5 posted

HALF LIFE,spec pentium 233,windows 95,98,2000,nt4,me.400mb hard disc,32mb ram...£6 posted.

i dont use these games anymore and they have had little or no use