Hi all, this is a good one for you to think about.
Car has been fine upto a couple of days ago. On the day, car drove fine to and from work. Started up fine for a shot trip to the shops. Got halfway out the drive and then power went and car stalled. Tried starting up again, starter motor sounded like it was turning the engin very freely. Left it for about 20 mins, then started it again. Car started, but did not rev freely, very low power.
No warning lights or spanners, no error codes on garage hook up.
Garage did a compression test, and it was about 1/3 rd of what it should be.

Car has not been driven hard, 45k miles, no problems for past 8 months (time I have had the car). Thought it may have been fuel pump or pres regulator until garage informed me of compression pressure drop.

Any ideas of what could be wrong, and have caused this.

Cheers and thanks in advance for any help or info,