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Thread: 2002 CIM Problems

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    Default 2002 CIM Problems

    Hi, havent long had my veccy 2.2 sri dti but it has been suffering from the dreaded CIM problem of instrument panel gremlins.

    Had my mate to check the error codes on ecu and after clearing the codes on there the codes still pop up.

    something along the lines of CANBUS FAILING TO DETECT?.

    i have tried cleaning the abs plug but to no avail... Has a new CIM got to be TECH-2'd by VX as my mate owns a garage and has a new Snap-on computer which says it can 'reset' and 'reprogram' a new CIM. Or is it defo a tech-2 job??

    I dont fancy paying up to 700 notes at a dealer. or anyone on here able to do it if i bought a brand new CIM?

    Any help will be appreciated...

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    Vehicle : Vectra

    Trim : SRi

    Engine : 150

    Year : 05

    Mileage : 74000


    Just looked where you are. Miles from anyone! Theres a cpl of people who could do it. Myself and Andy l's Vx mate with tech2, but think your too far for either of us to help There's also a cpl of guys with vaux-com, next best thing to tech2, probably bear the snap-on jobby your mates got, but there up around Bedford****e/Brighton Way.

    Best bet is to get your mate to check his snap-on computer and see if it can 'really' program it up. Would need to set VIN No, all 3 canbus speed options, steering angle sensor and probably the variant config too... Quite a bit involved, see if you can get which snap-on equipment he's using.

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