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Thread: Its been a strange year for me, How's yours been??

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    Default Its been a strange year for me, How's yours been??

    So, How has 2008 been for everyone??

    For me its been a real Roller Coaster of a year, full of some extreme highs, one of the most mind blowing 18 hour days of my life,and some pretty low points too..

    For me its been a very emotional time too,My mum being quite i'll again with Kidnety problems, Having to leave the job of my dreams on health grounds, having to sell vehicles to finance houses, having to sell other vehicles to pay an outstanding debt, Meeting the most gorgeous Danish Woman, but not being able to spend the amount of time with her as i would like due to changing jobs!(There is far more, some of you may know it, but i dont really wanna go into it)

    If i were to write it all down, i think i could write a book..
    No doubt other have had far worse things happen this year, and to those who have, i genuinely feel for you. My year feels awful to me, but compared to others mine is pretty good.
    To those who have a good year, become parents, and had a blinder, i offer my sincere congratulations...

    I thin i am going to throw a f*ck off big NYE Party, getting plastered and then start the NY feeling like sh*t, that way, things can only get better!! LOL

    Heres hoping everyone has a great 2009!!

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    Well, for me/us 2008 has been dominated from the beginning with Mrs Duncan progressing with her pregnancy to Cameron being born in April. From then on lives just changed a wee bit! lol

    That in a nutshell has been the main thing in 2008 for us. Work and home life keeping me very busy, oh and this thing called when I have spare time. Spare time?!

    Other good news for us was my eldest brother/sis-in-law having their first (a little girl) last month - after obstacles over the years that made them think they would never see that day - so even more fantastic for them.

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    For us the main thing this year was getting married on September, other than that and adopting a new kitten its been quiet - too quiet really business-wise.

    Let's hope that the New Year brings a change of fortune... (and I see pigs fly...)

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    Bit of a roller-coaster for me. Things that stick in my mind:

    Secondment from regular job has funding trouble
    Getting great comments back about the project I've written
    Told job going
    Got new job - promotion too
    New job is 100 miles away
    House went from 'For sale' to 'Sold' in five days
    House sale fell through
    New job is great - really enjoying it
    Missing family during week though
    Previous project recommended for European Award - plan route for drive to Vienna
    Didn't make the final selection for Vienna
    House sold again - buyer wants to move in quickly
    House sale #2 falls through
    Oddly, a massive lifting of stress

    The one biggy that doesn't fit the pattern - baby #3 arrives, and all child seats fit across the back of the Vec - I can keep it! Until the next one arrives...

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