Hi Guys

as i know that my car needs a trip to the stealers for a tech2 session (to complete my electric rearwindows).. and that will hopefully be before x-mas.

I was thinkin.. at the moment i have the warnings displayed at the little screen where the spedo is..

on my GID i currently have the BC, and ICE warning, and less than 50 KM (30 miles)

and at the small i have, bulpfaliur, lack of oil, lack of coolant, brakepad warning (not low windscreen washer).

But can that be activated so i comes on my large screen? indstead of the small? and would the bulpfaliur then show witch bulp that has gone?

got intresseret when i read the car manual.. (only got it for 2 years )

Because there it showed that if i had TPMS it would show on the small screen, and if checkcomputer also with indication on largescreen together with what whell and current tyrepressure.