Just to cover it in a new thread as it's been raised elsewhere.

The forum address has been changed from forum.vectra-c.com to vectra-c.com/forum. This was a general housekeeping decision made with the new host to make a few things run a bit smoother.

This change will not normally impact on most people as if you had saved a favourite with forum.vectra-c.com it will automatically redirect to the vectra-c.com/forum address. An issue may arise, as Parapaul reported, if you had the forum.vectra-c.com added to a works firewall to allow access. To view the forum the vectra-c.com/forum address will need to be added to any firewalls.

Also, the smilies may be appearing as red crossed to some people. The simple solution to that is to clear your browser cache, exit the browser and then go back into the site/smilies and that should be sorted.

The vectra-c.com address still works as before and will take you to the home page.