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Thread: exhaust emissions light

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    Default exhaust emissions light

    exhaust emissions light has come on an stays on any advice plz

    regards gary

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    It could be a multitude of reasons. All it's indicating is that the sensors are picking up readings that are out of range - it could be the lamda sensor playing up, or a multitude of other possible reasons. You'll really need to get the car read to see what codes are stored.

    If the light is steady then it's not so bad, but if it's flashing then you need to really stop driving and get it looked at as you could kill your cat.

    Sometimes cold weather can cause the emissions to trigger the sensor. Disconnect the battery for 10 mins to reset the light. If it doesn't come back on again then it was a one off glitch. If it comes on again, time to go to the dealers to get codes read.

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