Iv got a signum 1.9cdti (150) elite on a 04 plate. probs started just before 4th birthday lost all power, booked in to dealers needed new intace manifold. At same time they replaced timing belt.
When new manifold & timing belf was fitted they then said needed new EGR valve. They ordered this waited 3 weeks for it, all this time they had my car i was using courtesy car (which i had to pay for) When EGR valve came they told me that while car was there front spring had broke........ so had 2 new front springs fitted.
All was well ..............for 4 days then sounded like bag of hammers, took it back , was told it was faulty timing belt tensioner. They replaced that . 2 weeks latter same again but this time timming belt had slipped. They recovered car said same problem faulty timing belt tensioner ( 2 fauly timing belt tensioers ????) any way 10 weeks on car was juddering and no power lots flat spots, took back was told needs new swirl actuator, this car has cost me a a fortune in repairs and it only just 4 yrs old with 42000 mi8les .
My question is if it had a new intake manifold fitted wouldn’t it of had new swirl actuator at same time ???