Car went to Vx for an intermittent spanner light.

Initially it came up with a DPF re-work or download, or somehting like that.
Anyhow, they have checked it out and done a download on it and they also found a split vacuum pipe under the car, this is what they said was causing the hesitation in 1st and 2nd and most probably triggered the spanner light.

Anyhow, got it back today ( ) and drove it about 30 miles, in motorway run, and the beast seems to be back to norm. The power in first and second has retruned and the light has gone, hopefully once and for f0ck1ng all!

They have also replaced the Cruise Control stalk as they reckon this is why it kept swicthing off!

SO if you are having a lag on take off in first or rolling take off in second (e.g. roundabout), this could be your problem too!

(i just hope i havent spoken too soon)!