WOOPS, I think i posted this in the wrong section beforE!

Hi all,

I have a CDTI SRI 2004, I pretty certain my rear shocks have gone as everytime I go over a bump or a wobbly road (as they all are in Brum), the rear makes a weird sound, its really hard to explain, its like a something is loose and there is play in it, but then at the same time, it makes a soft distand thud sound when I go over a speed bump (as there are sh*t loads of them in Brum too).

I have yet to get underneath the car to see if they have leaked, but I put my hand on them yesterday and they seemed dry enough, but I didnt really get to them properly.

Is this the signs of dodgy shock or are these my rear bushes, etc?

Please let me know before I change the wrong thing.