Right thought I had got everything sorted but.........

Made up the harness for the DAB box to CDC 40 Opera, followed TIS wiring diagrams and plugged it all in, no DAB.
Now the only thing not connected is the DAB aerial which I am waiting on VX for. But I would have thought I would have had something on the dash display but the tab still shows nothing.

Do I need the aerial connected or have I got the wiring wrong?

The dab box and CDC 40 should have both been removed from the same car but if this was not the case would it have to be tech 2'd in but then the display is showing the extra tab already just no info?

There was only three wires to the cdc 40 (DAB L,DAB R and DAB GND plus earth and power (both connected to the radios supply) and 2 to the display (green and white, pins 17 and 18 on the display)

Cheers for any help