Dear all..

Interior Trim (moulding)
Silver trin that goes horizontally across above the glove box and centre console.
Ok I'll cut this very long story as short as possible.. basically I've ordered the interior silver trim (moulding as they say) that goes horizontally across above the glove box and the centre console from Vauxhall Parts in Harrow. This was OVER a month ago now!! They still say it's on back order and are being pretty useless to be honest on chasing it up. I doubt there's any of them in the vauxhall parts factory in Germany and they just aren't helping. I need to replace mine as its got cracking on the paint work from where the previous owner stuck on their hands free and its looks terrrrrible!!

Can anyone help speed the process up or know anyone in Vauxhall.. If you need the w.i.p number its on and you can speed up the process I'd be for-ever in your debt and marry you!! ok lol thats a little far..


anyone have this trim lying about or would be willing to sell theres? Its just clips off. I would be willing to give someone £50 for theres (thats the brand new price for it) and anything else!! Need this triiim!!

Please help.