Hard to believe, but after having my Edition 100 for over 2 years, I gave it its first proper long run this past weekend. Went from Liverpool to Kingston-upon-Thames and back 90% motorway 240 miles each way.

All I can say is that the car is a superb motorway cruiser, and being remapped has bucketfuls of power instantly on tap should the need arise. What also really impressed me was the way it pulls uphill even in 6th gear. With the 2.0T engine it just wants to go....and go.....and go. Fuel economy was on a par with a similar run I did in my old 1.8 about 34mpg.

One other thing, it was the first time that I'd used the M25 for 4 years, and it now seems to be loaded with cameras, apparently linked to the 'Variable Speed Limits' on the overhead gantries, and my camera detector was kept pretty busy all the way from the A3 to the M40. Had read that they were installing more cameras linked to Variable Speed Limits, so maybe a heads up for any unassuming, unaware casual M25 users out there. Thank god for Cruise Control I say. To be fair the Variable Speed limits do appear to help traffic flow, if it wasn't for the clowns who constantly change lanes.

As for the 2.0T, if you're thinking of getting one, or remapping if you already have one, don't hesitate, just do it.