Anyone know (or even guess) if this is possible?

e.g. if I were to go to my local scrapyard and get hold of an auto-aircon unit would it be a straight swap? Given that it's not the full ECC I would have thought that this is perhaps more feasible than trying to swap aircon for ECC.

Not sure about temp sensors tho, but if it goes on the external temp then that's obviously available. Not sure where the internal temp sensor would be though, I was hoping it would be on the unit itself. Then there would be the minor issue of getting the thing swapped as well!! And whether it would need a Tech 2

Just a thought, I like the idea of setting a temp and letting the unit get on with it. I can see myself getting irritated having to move the hot/cold dial up/down to adjust. I had auto-aircon in the BM and that would just get on with it.