Hi folks

I've got a wee problem with my 2.2 petrol vectra (52 plate 228k miles)

First thing in the morning yesterday the car wouldn't start- lights came on, click when turning key but no cranking. The steering wheel symbol was flashing in the display and also the abs light was flashing on and off in some sort of hard to identify pattern of long and short flashes.

I tried a jump to a fresh battery which did not help, and also rocking car in gear just on off chance starter was jammed.

I ended up disconnecting the battery for 5 mins but still no joy til i locked and unlocked the doors yet again and hey presto it started.

I had tried my code reader but refused to connect while the car wouldnt start but worked fine after the fault cleared but unfortunately showed no fault codes.

The car was fine all day yesterday but exactly the same thing when i tried to start it this morning.

Not amused!


I was thinking immobiliser maybe and was searching on here when i found a hint that a faulty abs sensor can cause a no start scenario.

Unfortunately further searching has not revealed any details about this.

I think this might be the culprit as I had a punctured tyre replaced on monday morning and wonder if the bloke has thumped the abs sensor?

I'm hoping that the gurus on here can give me some hints for when i go back to it later after work and try and get it going.

Any help/advice gratefully received