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Thread: Boot lid rubbers?

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    Default Boot lid rubbers?

    OK so not Z30DT specific but I know you guys will have the answer!
    By rear parcel tray has rattled since I've had the car and tonight I thought I'd have yet another look to try and see why.
    It seems to me that the rubbers in the boot lid are fitted wrong but I can't for the life of me see how they ought to be fitted. At the moment there is just a very small 'blade' of rubber sticking out but when I take one of them out, I see quite a large bump of rubber on the other side making me wonder if someone has fitted them the wrong way round? Will take piccies if it if needed but it's a bit dark now

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    Vehicle : Vectra

    Trim : SRi (VXR Styling)

    Engine : Z19DTH (Re-mapped)

    Year : 04

    Mileage : 140k


    If people would sort the search function there's a decent thread with pics and sure someone also spun them round to jam the shelf a little better... Just tried looking but couldn't find it

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