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Thread: How to remove coolant hoses to heater matrix?

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    Default How to remove coolant hoses to heater matrix?

    I'm getting no heat out of my Vectra's heaters. The thermostat seems ok (the temperature gauge goes up to about 85-90 and stays there). The pipes going into the heater matrix are different temperatures, so I think there is a blockage. All the instructions say to remove the pipes and flush the matrix out with a hosepipe, but I haven't found anywhere saying how to get those hoses off! They aren't very accessible and don't have any obvious clips to undo. Can anybody tell me how to get them off?

    They are the two pipes going from the engine to the area behind the centre of the dash.

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    Vehicle : 1.9 CDTI Design Estate

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    There are 2 circlip type clips.lift them up with screwdriver to release and pull them up,pull hoses off the pipes,may need a little wiggle as you do them. Had same on mine just used pressure washer up against the metal pipes and flushed both ways a few times, found it best to refill system car uphill a bit seemed to reduce air lock. Heaters now piping hot.

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