Hi all!

I realise this will be a common thing posted about here but couldn't see an existing thread running, so started a new one.

I have an '05 plate SRI 2.2 Direct Auto. I believe that has the Z22YH engine. Every now and again (maybe weekly) on start up (always on start up) I get the orange spanner come on and the car goes into limp mode, immediately. It won't fix itself until it is run for a while and turned off and on a few times. Because of this I bought a cheap (£20 ebay special) code reader and can delete the P1405 EGR valve code that is getting thrown up.

I realise that with the Z22YH cleaning the EGR valve isn't as straight forward as with the Z22SE, due to the cooling feature on the YH. This also complicates the simple task (on the SE) of fitting blanking plate and EGR cheater.

The question is simply this, what would you folks suggest is the best way forward here? I can't be doing with this code getting flung up repeatedly and would rather resolve/eliminate the issue if possible.