Ive been reading around for a few days now and im a little confused to what my problem would be.

My box is F23, going into 1st and 2nd is hard while 3rd and 4th a little easyer

I dissconnected the ball joints on the linkage (where the cables meet the box) and it seemed a little easyer as there was no tension on the cable

Here is what is messing my head up: when i removed the leather gator around the gear stick i located the bottom of the stick where it is a ball joint, the ball on the end of the stick is not what i would call round, it has some groove that looks like its catching..
I sprayed it with some WD40 and it was 100x better but still stiff.

I have read all sorts about topping up the oil to adjusting the cables, im a little confused and could do with some help.

Idealy ild like the oil replaced but have read bad things about garages not doing it correct so any heads up with the correct method so i dont sound like an uneducated mooron when i get it done.

Thanks for reading and post up iof you think you can enlighten me