Three cases of rubbish service in one week!

Put the car in the garage last Sat and got a call on Monday. I asked the guy to confirm it was a geniune Garrett turbo, how much it would cost and that I would get old turbo back. He agrees and says he will call me later in the week. I have instructed him not to start work until he gives me the info. Thursday I get a call the car is fixed, £80 over original quote that was never confirmed and the turbo has gone. When I ask what happened to the call to confirm the details he says bit late now I've done the work! So I said really? Well how about you take the damn thing back off. He has not called back since

I had an offer on the house which I refused and told the estate agents what I wanted and I would not take less than that. So they speak to the gf and try to get her to accept the offer! In the end the buyer offers what I wanted and calls her to tell me and I tell her to accept. Apparantly the house is sold and the website says sold subject to contract but in the last week they have not contacted me at all to tell me its sold! The house is in my sole name but I have had no correspondance with the estate agents. Apparantly they have even instructed solicitors which I know nothing about!

And the final one! We had a survey done for Cavity wall insulation. They guys turn up and tell the gf sorry cant do the east facing wall as there is a conservatory. She said well the surveyor said you stand on boards on the roof of it like you did 12 months ago on our old house. Nope sorry against company regs to do that now. Can't do it from the inside as there are fitted wardrobes. So she said ok leave it. Then we come to the fireplace! Sorry love can't do it as you have a fireplace. The surveyor sat in front of the damn fireplace which was lit having a cuppa going through the details and never mentioned it! So we have had to isolate the fireplace so it could be done.

How do companies survive these days? It just seems to be one thing after another and end up chasing everybody and everything to get it done right. Am I the only one this happens to?