Hello peeps, just upgraded from a tired and well used 150cdti estate 55 plate to a 2008 57 plate vectra 2.2 elite estate petrol version with low miles, went all the way from glasgow to Northampton to get the beast and drove it home last night, but this mornging sadly I have noticed a load whining noise I think coming from the gearbox, 1st gear is really loud, sounds like its in reverse, 2nd quite loud then 3rd and above its a general high pitched whine even at speed, if i sit with idle with the engine running and in neutral I can rev the engine up and down and its sounds perfect, tried thisd also with the clutch depressed and again no noise, its only when I actually move and engage the gearbox.

I took out a full RAC warranty with it and bought it from a reputable dealer on finance so should have some comeback, just wondering if any of you more experienced vectra lovers like myself could shed some light on the problem, as usual the warranty claim dept is closed until monday!

Kind Regards