Wendy asked me to take her across to Kinlet yesterday, we had to stop off and collect some more medication from the hospital, and she said she new a good short cut through the back roads.
Off we went, through Horsehay, Much Wenlock, Morville, then went wrong somewhere.
Road got narrower and narrower, suddenly there was water crossing the front. We were in process of discussing the satnav directions and map, I just assumed it was an unmarked ford (could have been) so nosed gently into it (SRi suspension).
Suddenly we dropped with a hell of a thump, like coming off a very high kerb, the outside of the car disappeared covered in water spray. Next I knew we were climbing up the far side and back on tarmac.
Wendy was not at all happy I immediately checked the car for level, splitters and sills, and sign of damage before I asked her if she was OK (bumps and heavy braking still hurt the healing operation wounds).
My logic was, broken springs are well known, we were in the middle of nowhere, didn't even know where were where to call for help, and the mobile phone signal had been iffy.
We carried on and where on the top of Clee Hill before either of us really knew where we were.