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Thread: 2003 53' Vectra 1.8 Active

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    Morning all! I've had to come to the crap decision to sell my Veccy (after I took so much time to do little mods and activate lights via UEC... ).

    Reason being, it's a Manual, and because of my job my left knee is becoming weaker so I got to consider an auto. I've seen another car, and the dealer is giving me a very good P/X price...BUT, I'd rather keep my car within forum members as you lot will appreciate it for the spec (ok it's not a rocket but it's reliable... ) .

    Only problem I have is that I'm picking up my new car on the morning of the 4th Jan, so if anyone wants her, they'll have to be a bit quick as she'll have to be sold by the evening of the 3rd, or Morning of the 4th by 9am latest...though whoever does end up with her, look after her! She's a good car and I've spent a LOT of time and effort getting her up to scratch.

    I'll not sell her without some sort of proof that you are insured on her as I've sold a trusty BMW 525i and the buyer wasn't insured, and the car got impounded by Police about 20 miles from my house...gutted for the buyer... )

    Spec is as follows:

    2003 Vectra 1.8 Active 122hp (I think, it's not VVT...)

    Metallic Black (Paintwork and body is in very good condition, one minor scuff on the passenger side bumper where someone hit me in Tesco on the first day I bought her and a few other bits...she's not New, Nor showroom but she's almost there!)

    79k warranted miles (She's on 78k as per the pictures but is in daily use so Will go up to around 79k...I bought her at 61k, and have put 18 on her since I bought her in March 2011...I drive to-from work (Heathrow) daily hence the miles...but it's M11 - M25 - M4 pretty much as far as my Vectra's routine goes... )

    3 months Tax and MOT (Til March 17th 2012)


    3 Months Platinum Warranty Wise cover ( )

    1/4 Tank of fuel (I'm considerate...I've been sold cars running on fumes and it's poor practise, I will not do the's unfair if someone is not familiar with my area and it's fuel station locations)

    CDR2005 with Aux In (Yes...Aux In )

    Factory Fitted Nokia CK-7W Bluetooth Hands Free (This is brilliant!)

    Automatic Wipers

    Ambient Light under rear view mirror (I know some of you like this sort of thing, it's also Factory fit, not retro fitted)

    5000k HID's Activated Via UEC (No silly bulbs errors, and they have been adjusted with help of my MOT tester. They come with big ballasts not the slim ones as the slim ones are problematic, the older All-Metal ones are reliable as the heat is dissipated through the metal casing)

    Working Cruise Control (I first replaced both brake and clutch springs, still no joy so I paid almost £40 bought a new stalk for her (76k miles) from Vx and the cruise has been fault free since)

    Recent rear tyres (19/09/2011 71k miles) and good front tyres (End of March 2011 62k - All on matching Kumho Solus's, not cheapy tyres, as Kumho's are brilliant in the dry and even better in the wet)

    Retro fitted LED strip boot lighting (Discreetly mounted and literally flood the boot with white light)

    New Battery on 09/06/2011 from Vx

    Working Ice Cold Air Conditioning

    Flip Key (all working) + Original Key (working) + Spare key (no circuit, put inside flip key)

    Service History:

    12/4/2005 - 8133 Miles - Motorbodies Vx

    12/5/2006 - 13547 Miles - Evans Halshaw

    25/9/2007 - 29743 Miles - Evans Halshaw (1st Timing Belt)

    17/9/2008 - 37746 Miles Marshall of Welwyn Garden City

    28/9/2009 - 48548 Miles - Marshall of Welwyn Garden City

    16/2/2011 - 61317 Miles - Stanstead Cars of Stanstead

    29/4/2011 - 64065 Miles - Coventry Motors Ilford

    03/6/2011 - 65927 Miles - Coventry Motors Ilford (2nd Timing belt + Waterpump + Tensioners etc)

    05/9/2011 - 71012 Miles - Cranbrook Carriages Ilford (Inc Drivebelt, Spark Plugs, Coolant)

    18/10/2011 - 73600 Miles - New Thermostat + Vx Coolant

    She's a good car, and only trouble given to me was a battery getting weak...apart from that she's been fine, just regular servicing stuff really.

    Bad bits:

    Drop links will need doing soon

    ...and that's it above, I've kept on top of everything so she's good to go...

    Pictures are below...sorry about the bad quality, I have a Nokia N95 and its dying, hence not letting me change the settings (If I try it just reboots... :/ ). Those of you who have keen eyes will also see she's dirty...I claned her on xmas eve and she's filthy again though I'll clean her for the new owner in and out. There is clutter inside at the moment but she's a working car...again she'll be clean for the new owner.

    I'm looking around £1650 for her...though I WILL take offers...If she doesn't sell here then I'll px her in as planned BUT she has such a good spec and has been taken care of... .

    She'll be taken off sale on the afternoon of the 3rd at around 5pm so I know where I stand and can tell the dealer whether I will be p/xing her in or not.

    Sorry if I have missed anything, just shout if you need more information...!


    PM: self explanatory
    Ph: 07930253948
    Text: As above ^
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    Car is now sold (Gotta love Gumtree lol, £2100, get iiinnnnn)

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