Hey all, I've recently had my HID's switched 'on' via the UEC by a very kind member here on the forum. As a result, I now have a few bits that are surplus to requirements.

Firstly, the 2 HID Warning cancellers/Decoders/Capacitors. I bought these on the 11th November from Slough. They are New, and have only been used once which was the night of the 11th, for approx an hour (I didn't use the car on Saturday and had the HID's UEC'd on Sunday). They are in working order, pictures below:

Attachment 49064

Attachment 49065

Secondly, the Ballast. The ballast was bought in a pair at the same time I bought the above items...these were bought as spares; I've kept one ballast as a spare so I have no use for this one. It's only been used once, which was to confirm both the ballasts were working (pictures below of the one for sale). It's a Slim Ballast so will save space in the engine bay. I have also noted down the serial number, reasons in the images below... :

Attachment 49073

Attachment 49072

Attachment 49068

Attachment 49067

Pictures of it working:

Attachment 49070

Attachment 49069

Attachment 49066

Attachment 49071

As you see in the pictures the ballast is the same one. The serial number will verify it too... . I have also noted the serial number as I have sold goods before and then had identical ones sent back as faulty when in fact they were different parts...I lost £120...

I may also sell the second ballast if anyone wants them as a pair, will charge the same as one though.


2X HID cancellers/decoders/capacitors: £5 for the pair, postage at buyers expense (My postcode is IG6 1JB if anyone needs it for postage price purposes )

1x Slim Ballast: £6 (Postage same as above).

Email: incautious@hotmail.co.uk
Text: 07930253948

- Harry.