I had a few hours to kill today and decided to have a tinker,it my first time under the bonnet of a vectra so doe an easy job to start with lol.

First i took out the boost sensor and gave it a clean,its was faily oily and although i had to use WD40 instead of carb cleaner(i thought i had some CC but turns out i didnt) it still made a big difference and the problem i was suffering where the car felt like it was lacking that power kick has now gone.

I noticed that 1 of the small rubber hoses had started to perish so after reading a thread on the "how to" section ive ordered some replacement.I didnt check the EGR valve as i didnt want to do it untill i get some Carb cleaner.

I decided to took a look at the swirl bar,never looked at 1 before but looked intact and pretty clean apart from the far right,the bit it sits over was oily and gunked up with residue.I didnt touch it as i wasnt sure if this was normal

Is this bad news?