Hi all ive posted a few threds recently about my coolant problems and im still scratching my head . Vauxhall have done 2 tests now because im trying my best to get the problem soughted and they tell me my head test is blue'er than the car, the second test has been done for most of the day with the engine running and they are assuring me its not the head / head gasket , . Ive noticed over the last few days, that when the coolant is at the right level before a journey the car runs beautyfully for as long as the journey lasts, ( 60 miles is the longest journey) but when you turn the engine off, leave the car for about 15 mins to half and hour / or over night even ,( ive constantly been observing the level between every journey also) When i check it after the journey and also if it has cooled the next day the level seems fine, but as soon as i go 100 yards or so on a second journey the coolant light comes on and the coolant level drops well belowe the kalt/cold mark, sometimes it only needs about half a pint and its fine but two days ago it drank two and a half litres of coolant . Ive checked the exhaust and it feels bone dry, ive check the floors for coolant leak from the heater matrix , it feels bone dry, i carnt see any wet patches on the floor outside the car or any water marks around the pipes or engine.
Im wondering why vauxhall carnt sought this problem, surely there has to be an answer, at least i can now start to think of getting shut with a sought of clearish conshunce its not the head. Any feedback is greatly accepted , thanks.