hi all was sat watching some rolling road videos lastnight the kind where cars go bang filling my self with confidence for the sos falkirk meet

now from what i can see there are 3 types of rr's

ones with 1 set of rollers but the car sits in them so 2 rollers for each wheel/

ones with 1 set of rollers but the car sits on them so 1 roller for each wheel

ones with 2 sets of rollers for 4wd i presume

i know the one where were going is just a 1 set of roller design wheel sits in them not on them. but what is the difference between the 2? just curious

now my tracking is slightly out, need to get it done again but not knowing how the rr's work as such will alignment not set right cause hassle on the rollers? more friction less power type thing? or the car wiggleing around as it not set correctly? might sound silly but i have no idea of the workings of a dyno and would like to know more

cheers, Tim