Hi, Not sure if I should post on here or not, sorry if not but not sure where else I can put it.

I have the NCDR1100 sat nav radio in my Zafira. If you press the CDC button it tells me nothing is connected. So I took the CDC3 out of my Veccy CDX and plugged it in under the drivers seat. It powers up and I can eject the cartridge. If I press te CDC button nothing happens.

As the CDC came from a veccy CDX, I know it has a code, which on the CCR600 you could enter. This is the problem, the NCDR1100 is like my CDC40 in my Elite, the code is stored in the ECU through tech2 so how do i enter the code for CDC? Probably can't. Does this mean a bill for £60 for Tech2, can Tech 2 enter the code?

Thanks in advance