Hi there can anyone pls help me i have a 2004 vectra c sri which i love the problem i have is i was down town the other day parked car came back a wee while later went to start car and nothing would not even turn over but the dash light (car with spanner) was flashing so i tried a few more time and she fired up was very happy. next morning went out to car same problem except this time won't start so i called the RAC out he done some checks checked all the fuses then went down underneath to starter motor which he reported was getting no power but dash board light flashing. next day came out battery now totally dead.So took the car to very well known car mechanic he plugged computer in but found no dtc's (faults) so he thought key had lost memory so tried to reprogramme key but no joy so he wiped key memory and tried from start now key will not reprogramme so key doesn't even work remote locking now he told me my cim module has failed av tracked a brand new one down compared numbers and stuff has anyone on here heard of this problem and know if changing the cim module with a brand new key will resolve the problem i originally had as well as curing the fact that car is totally immobilised now or could it have been an earthing problem i had from the very start am very confused and need to get car on the road as i stay 80miles from my children. pls help