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Thread: Faint/muffled kinda rattle from front.. i think suspension?

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    Default Faint/muffled kinda rattle from front.. i think suspension?

    Bear with me on this, as i find it hard to explain!

    Now there may not be anything wrong, this could be normal road and slight bumps noise for a car on 19inch rims and 30mm eibachs!

    I'm not sure if i can catagorise it as a rattle... its just getting a little noisey over bumps on the passenger side... Now ive this week fitted new drop links, and ARBs, its made no difference! Ive had the passenger side shock out, and fitted a spare top mount i had.... again no difference.. although! I did notice the little plastic bearing holder had a bit of play in it... you cant feel this play when assembled, so im not sure if its that... anyway i copper greased it up to take some play out...

    I might order a new one.. do they get noisey?? Ive checked everything over, my discs and pads are quite new, look fine, pads a tight fit, and calipers tight bolted to car...

    Is there anything more common, or obvious to check... or, am i possibly being a bit OTT? Will there always be some form of rattle, or even loose noise over bumps?

    Its just i drive wifes astra, and thats silent... my vecs getting a little noisey over the bumps at front end........... im sure of it??

    Whats common to check for on these cars?

    Cheers for any help


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    Sounds daft, but check the plate behind the brake disc at the bottom, they get too close and can touch/rattle/squeal, just lever it out a couple of mm if it seems close, it's only a dust/heat sheild anyway.

    Probably not that but worth checking.

    Radiator bushes sometimes cause noise too apparently, although never had it on mine.
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