After phoning around and talking to some helpfull guys on here im now trying to sort out getting my veccy re mapped..
It looks like my car has prevoiusly been tampered with and the current sets are causing it to run really rich/
Seems on the phone arounds i got interesting info. I thought id check on here to see what people thought aswell.
Now a few people ive spoke to have said that the flash maps are not worth the time as often the car will slowly try and revert back to the original map and can cause caos! Is this true???
The quotes im getting are pretty different and go from 200 to 500 quid!
Anyone with some pointers feel free to add your ideas!
Thanxs gazza for your info already matey! The gaff you recommended gave a great qoute but the fella seemed un interested and said i was also to far for him to send someone out..
So far ive been advised to get it set back to standard and then tuned or go for a performance mapp..
Not got a big amount of funds around me atm but i do need this sorting as running rich like it is now can cause some expensive repairs bills soon so ive been told ( cat convertor ect)
I just want something reliable and some good mpg (40+)