Seems like the veccy has finally taken a dislike to the cold, I think she has car flu

In the last week I have had the front tyre go down every other day yet garage can't find a puncture so he thinks when the temp goes down the tyre shrinks and leaks air....yet the other 3 stay up Even checked the alloy for cracks!

Brake disc sensor keeps coming on when its very cold yet pads and discs are fine

Light sensor keeps telling me I have a bulb out, yet all are ok and been running the HIDS for 18mths without ever having a fault!

Insignia Washer jets won't work no more so now going to put originals back on

Radio channel changes on its own from Kiss to Heart then back again....not a huge problem as it stops the gf from singing which is a big bonus lol

Anyones elses car has car flu? Its funny when the air temp warms up none of the above probs happen apart from washer jets