This is my first post. I have been a member since I bought my present car (Jan 2009).

I had a problem which for me only occured very occassionally. The problem was when the engine had got hot (specifically around 97°C). First the spanner light would appear, followed at some stage by a complete stall. The engine could not be started until a period of time had passed (at least 20 mins) First time this happened was in an unusually long queue coming out of last years Waddington airshow. The AA man could not find an adequate fault code (nearest diagnosis was no3 cylinder soark plug.) After a long period of investigation, I was able to drive home.

On each subsequent occassion this took place, (about 3 times over the whole period to date), I simply waited for teh car to cool before continuing my journey. I searched this forum many times after each occurance (searching on terms like stalling, cold start control indicators etc) without success. The last time this issue reared it's head, Monday 21st Jun 10, I decided to bring this issue to a head. Once again the AA man was called, no meaningful diagnosis could be arrived. He tried swapping the relays in the engine fusebox, but this was not the cure. eventually, I was towed to the main dealers, Lookers, at Spekehall Liverpool, to get a true diagnosis whilst the problem was current. I feared a major component replacement and a whopping bill running into the hundreds!

I was overjoyed when I called them for the 3rd time. Lookers had replaced the part, it was under manufacters warranty!!!

The upshot was, the Fuel Rail Pressure sensor had to be replaced. It was being completed by the dealers as part of the manufactures recall, though I had received no letter. To date, the engine has been fine, I am one happy bunny!

The downshot? I searched this sight for related threads 'Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor'. To my horror, there are numerous threads, even a Watchdog episode, which was televised on wait for it, Jan 2009 - when I bought my car! Had I known which component was causing the issue, I could have had a more effective search, then again, had I have searched differently...

Apart from keeping members updated, I trust that anyone searching for answers to a similar issue may come accross this thread.