How annoying is it when washing the car and finding faults!!LOL
noticed today something odd with drivers mirror surround, if you look at photo (sorry about poor quality!!) the area I'ved arrowed you can see the silver paint on the inside of the mirror housing, whereas on the passengers side you can't, looks like there's part of the mirror surround missing, whether this came away when the mirror glass fell out a while ago I don't know, just never noticed it before, question is , when you buy a new surround is this part fitted, have been meaning to get another surround for a while as I keep having to push it back on at the top as if maybe a clip is missing or broken. Also noticed the Griffen badge on the boot is not stuck on one area namely shall we say from the 12 o'clock to 3 o' clock position I take it this is not normal either?
Cheers Pete