Hi all ,

Ive taken my car to at least 2 mechanics.. when the weathers warm/dry my Vectra SRI 150 (06 plate) is like driving a huge slug, especially in 1st gear... its far more responsive when its raining and damp. its done 37k
ive had a new egr and software update in the last 6 months
i still think its the manifold blocked up after reading on here and advice from u guys- but the last guys took for a test drive and said it was fine - even though it was a dampish day - which was annoying
i put a can of wynns through on saturday but it was red hot - and still like a slug... not too bad yesterday but it was raining

ive looked myself ater taking the engine cover off at the link bar on top of the manifold..
when facing the engine if i touch the bottom of the bar with a screwdriver it lifts up or pivots upwards very easy as though loose - but if i touch the top downwards or the side it is still held on place its not completely fallen off.. is this right? or does it mean its broken or nearly snapped off? also it looks like its to the left of the centre holes which the rubber should line up with which is the same position before and after a driving trip...
i dont mind buying a new manifold (i see part number 55210201 on ebay for £160) on ebay but could it be the airflow meter?
anyone live local to retford notts for me to see what you think?
its that bad im thinking of selling and getting a petrol

Thanks for any advice