Mornin all, could someone please tell me how to go about removing the inlet on the 2.2 dti, i am fairly new to diesel's and to be honest im a little worried i might cause more damage.
I need to remove the inlet as i have a nice thick wall of gunk which i need to clean out, i have done the egr which was simples the throttle body and boost sensor.
Whilst im at it i would like to do the leak off pipes but again worried they might snap off inside of break the injectors.
What i really need to know is removal of the pump to injector pipes, obviously undo the union to injectors & same at pump end but how far do i go at the pump end? Is it just a case of cracking the union so the pipes will pull away over the top of the inlet?
Any tips on getting the leak off pipes off without breaking them.

Cheers all.