After finding my mk1 clio had a snapped spring and two knackered front shocks it was time to source another pair on the cheap. Got a full set second hand from a 1.4 model (mines a 1.2) but as the lowering kits are the same for the 1.2 and 1.4 they seem to be the same.

The struts looked exactly the same as the old ones, but had to file under 1mm of an oval on one of the two lower strut holes on the shock that connect it to the wishbone as they wouldnt quite line up...

Took it to the test centre and they passed it (as it was all that was stopping me from passing) however the car feels a bit floaty on the corners. Had a quick peek and theres way too much positive camber i think (top of the tyre is further out than the lower).

Also the suspension turns with the wheels left and right (it is connected to the swivel housing so I think its meant to?) but the rubber ball underneath is squeaking).

Anz suggestions before I take it apart would be nice. The two parts didnt say which was left and right so thinking perhaps they are on the wrong sides... they were both identicle, however if there is an angles on them then they are going to be on the wrong side lol.

Mrs's car and not looking so cool at the mo lol... any help would be handy.