What a nightmare yesterday (will keep it brief) Spanner light on car. Immediately I suspected swirl valve bar as I knew it was loose. Looked and indeed it had fallen off. Rang AA. Pointed this out to patrol who said ooh yes I've seen this before and you will have to take it into dealers. I asked him if he was going to check fault code but he said there was no need as he could see it lying there. When I took it into dealers I lost all power (limp mode) and so rang AA to be on safe side. He towed me into dealers (no diagnostic). Then noticed light had gone off but was there when turning the ignition on. From reading threads I think this means there is a fault code stored.
If it is the swirl valve problem would the light come on and then go off like that or could I be looking at 2 problems?? Now thinking the bar may have been off already and yesterday is a new problem