hello there, ste here, newbie from warrington.

Just sold my clio 182 cup and i'm currently searching for a 1.9cdti 150 vectra sri as i'm relocating with work 45 miles away so need something more economical and comfy.
looks like im making the transition from cliosport forum over to here so be nice haha

i'm looking to spend about £4500/£5000 on the car but notice that the sxi equivalent is about £1000 cheaper and only seems to have different wheels (which i see you can get sri wheels and tryes for about £225 on ebay) and rain sensitive wipers (which annoyed the hell outta me in the 182).

my question is:

a) is there any other difference on say a 54/05 plate?
b) is there anything specific i should look for when test driving these cars?

many thanks