Hi, Im new to this site. Just thought I'd say hi first. I brought a 1.9CDTI Exclusiv Vectra C 56 plate last Tuesday. On the display it has a function for bluetooth connectability with a mobile phone, however whenever i try to connect the phone to it, the phone cant pick it up. and it has got an option to search and it doesnt do anything when i try to select it. It has also got a function to make it visible (UHP visible) but even still it isnt visible. I spoke to different people and have got different answers as to why it isn't working. 1 person from vauxhall garage said it isnt part of the specification for this country. 1 person from arnold clark (where i brought the car from) said i need a cradle for the phone. 1 other guy just said it should work (vauxhall parts helpdesk). Does anybody have more information on it? Also if i need something, what do i need? it would be kindly appreciated if they have some info.
Thanks and its a great forum!
sorry if its been already answered before, i did do a search but couldnt find anything.