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Thread: Lowering Springs

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    Vehicle : Vectra

    Trim : Elite

    Engine : 2.8 V6 Turbo

    Year : 2009

    Default Lowering Springs

    Hi all, sorry to ask yet another question re lowering springs, but I cant quite see what I need amongst previous posts.

    So I have a 2009 Vectra Elite 2.8 V6 Turbo. I have had it about 4 years. At some point earlier in its life, it has had some lowering springs fitted. No idea what they are!

    Trouble I have is the whilst the car looks great and I want to try and keep it that way, the ride is relatively comfortable on smooth roads, but generally every lump and bump crashes like mad - and Pot holes, even small ones sound like I have broken the car. Between the springs and the shocks, it is way too bumpy and harsh - and very little is "absorbed" which is none too pleasant. The shocks are stock.

    Not sure if part of the problem is that I removed my original 17s and put 19" Snowflakes on, which look great, but are of course much heavier.

    Any suggestions please?

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    Vehicle : Vectra C Saloon( sadly died at age 20 due to a hart attack)

    Trim : SXI limited edition

    Engine : 2.0 16v DTI

    Year : 2003

    Mileage : 140000


    from the factory (if ordered as your elite would make it an option)your car could be on 19 inch wheels so the person you didn't do anything wrong putting on the 19 inch wheels... no big deal whatsoever but if i was you I would test the shocks.. push down on each corner the car should come up controlled... if it bounces straight up and rebounds it just means the shocks are worn... and they don't have to leak they last an x amount of time than need replacing. PS 2.8 v6 turbo afaik the best solution would be getting Billstein b8 or better, if your springs aren't broken you can transfer that lot over... but if I was in your shoes it would be new shocks, springs, top mounts and front shock bearings... that should do the trick for another 15+ years.

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    Year : 07


    Vectra VXR estate 2007 Sapphire Black
    Teapot Tuned 255/300
    Eibachs B8's, fully loaded factory options

    Tech2 & MDI diagnostics + SPS

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