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Thread: cd70 aux input

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    Hello !

    As I promised, back with prove about install AUX IN. The older units: CD 70 NAvi and DVD90 NAvi CAN be modified as the ORIGINAL for AUX IN (External auxiliar audio stereo input).
    Display normal screen:

    Display screen when AUX IN is enabled:

    The desired AUX menu:

    Instaling of Jack stereo connector:

    And play from I-pod:

    This is the FAKRA connector without AUX IN:

    This is the connector on the car with wire for AUX IN:

    The entire process needs hardware modification in the unit and software modification also. Booth need knowledge and skills in area


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    nice work

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    I have tried this but my hardware inside is to old. Have tried to get the parts and a how to from "hardwarekiller" but he have not replied to my second mail. Have you done the hardware mod inside the radio? Dont think its a big thing if I know what IC etc. that have to be solder to the PCB.
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    Default edit hardware dvd90

    I have a dvd of the 90 ships 1:07:05 n 13163937 type dvd90 ucl know that the AUX IN must be enabled with software is that with the addition of the components on board. I wanted to try my hand at this opera tion, but reading a Russian forum, it stated that if there was no chip uda 1334 could not enable this feature. Can you tell me if this is the problem 'in my browser. Thanks

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