All Signum owners or Vectra owners with knowledge of below

I am trying to put together a list of parts I need for my Signum.

Rear End

I noticed that Duncan has a facelift rear bumper trim that comes in 2 parts. My question is, if I go to the dealers do I need to ask for a Signum facelift rear bumper trim? For the exhaust what are my options? is the rear twin exit exhaust for my Signum going to be expensive? can someone recommend somewhere to get one made up for my Siggy? Does anyone have one for sale?

Side Skirts

I am going to get the VXR estate ones from LMF. I have read I also need rivets to put them on. I take it I need to remove the current black ones? I have seen a few threads. Can any one advise please?

Front Skirt

I am going to get one form ebay probably so should be okay with this.

Rear Roof Spoiler

This I have found on eBay as well. Do these just glue on? are they easy to fit?

I have finally sold some wheels I have on eBay to fund the refurb of multispokes so hoping to get these on in the next month. Once I have them fitted will sell my 17" GSI alloys with good tyres. I am also just waiting for some good weather to fit my 30mm springs. So if anyone is in the Derby/Burton area fancies giving me a hand your more than welcome to come round for a cup of tea.

I will buy all the trims and get them painted in one go. Hoping this will be a cheaper option then get them fitted at the same time. Fingers crossed the car lasts me a while without anything braking.

Thanks in advance for all your help, oh and have I missed anything?