Got another problem with the tank. Since these lovley icy winter mornings, something in my car has decided to start making a worrying rattle when the engine idles. Its worst when the engines cold, and it resembles a similar sound to an exhaust or heat shield knocking very quickly against the chassis. The lower the revs drop, the louder the rattle, and a slight vibration can be felt. When the bonnet is up, the sound is untracable. Its not a "tick tick tick" tappet sound, more a "dum dum dum" sound. But it seems to be getting worse. You can hear and feel it slightly when accelerating, but when i let off, the engine goes quiet and smooth, to the point i think its stalled, until i stop. Then "dum dum dum" again.
Now, after a month of the noise, the EML decides to pop on when the engines cold, and only goes off once the turbo has boosted.

Theres no lack of performance in the engine at all, im just worried somthings going to give!!!

PS, i live in the burton on trent area if anyone is local with an op-com and fancies a cheeky tenner