May well be useful to someone or can pass it on. This was in my Vectra-B.

MEX-BT2600 Head Unit, all complete apart from the cage keys (will look again, but think I may have left them in my old car). Cage in good condition, unit in good condition, barely used was bought for another car that I didn't have for long and didn't use.

I've got one of these in my Vectra-C and they are one of the best for the price, the bluetooth is excellent and no separate mic is required as it is on the fascia and works fabulously.

Music can be streamed over from iPhone or other Bluetooth phone/device. My Nokia N95 (and I imagine other Nokias) connects automatically when you switch the ignition on and you have Bluetooth turned on. I managed to hold a conversation at 70 in an Audi Cabriolet with the roof down ..... You can do last number redial and fairly certain you can do voice dialing.

Answer a call just by pressing in the volume knob. HU is 52W x 4 and Front Speaker Out/Rear Speaker Out (or sub). MP3 CD with trackname etc. which can be scrolled across the display. Aux in from the front, for connecting to an MP3 player. I will also include the iPod dock device with this that plugs into the CD changer port. However, I don't know if this was because of the Connects2 kit but I found this a bit hit and miss, the iPhone doesn't work unless it's put in flight mode which is useless. Worked with an iPod Nano.

The HU is boxed and the manuals are there. Also the silly infra-red remote (never used).

Connects2 kit is the DOPS004 which works with the stalk and display. Mine was a CDX with the MID and track names/radio information appeared on the lower half of the display.

I also used this in a corsa temporarily and even with it's puny display in the centre it displayed some information. On that basis I would think it would fit a number of other Vauxhalls of the same age.

£100 including postage. The HU and iPod alone are this price, but the connects2 can be quite expensive on it's own. So it's a good bundle.