seem to have all the usal issues but now at a loose end.
i have little power up to 2000-2300rpm then once on boost the car is perfect but i would say the power comes in very savage at around 2000-2300rpm and drives perfect thereafter.just done a dual mass and clutch and done the mod on the inlet manifold with all 4 tumblers working in unison so now looking for the next stage in process. car been on as many diagnostics in last week by good technicians that i know well but can not find anything untoward.they showed me all the graphs readings etc for maf and egr and explained that everything is working as it should with no fault codes either.if anybody can shed light on this then please do so as other than being a bit laggy below 2300rpm the car drives great.have 1 observation that i might add is that the temp gauge seems to sit awful low sometimes even not registering after sitting iddling for 45mins when diagnosing kit was plugged in.even the test equiptment said (no reading)from engine temp sensor but other times the gauge sits around 85.i am not sure if the engine temp sensor could cause such laggy power as the technician working on the car and after a surf it appears the cars loss off power due to a faulty temp sensor would me minimal as they have a pre set variable figure in the ecu which wouldnt be a million miles away from the typical temps we see or expect and another reason i was not convinced this was causing it is i have not seen any improvement in lagg on the days the gauge was working.
regards trevor